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Friday, October 21, 2011

Short Bead Stair

The bead stairs are a great way for children to learn a multitude of math concepts. Children first need to start off by learning all about the bead stair. What color is each number of beads from 1-10? One-Red Two-Green 3-Pink 4-Yellow 5-Light Blue 6-Lavender 7-White 8-Brown 9-Dark Blue 10-Gold. Once children know the number and corresponding color of each bead segment then they can move on to place value, addition, subtraction, ect..

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  1. Hi, I just stumbled onto your blog and really like it. I have been an Assistant in the Montessori classroom for over 25 years. In K and 2nd grade. Somehow we have lost all of our printable short bead stair papers. We had ones like yours but also a bus, house, umbrella, and the teen board paper. Do you happen to have these ?